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Frequently asked questions:

What should we wear?

Picking out your own (or your family's) outfit can sometimes be a tad stressful. Here are a few tips to help with this (almost) impossible choice:

  • *Try to stay away from clothes that make you look "boxy"                      

  •  *Don't wear distracting prints

  • *If you're blessed in the chest area, try to avoid ruffle tops                      

  • *Think about wearing ruffles if you're less busty

  • *Don't have your family all dressed EXACTLY the same                           

  •  *Fall/Winter ideas: tights, cool/lighter coats, dark pants

  • *Pick a color palette that matches you or your family                              

  • *Spring/Summer: dresses, skirts (not mini), capris or khakis

  • *Think about what outfit colors would match your home/décor               

  •   *Don't wear clothes that make you uncomfortable

That is great if you already have a location in mind, I just request you let me know where it is so I can go check it out if I have not done a session there yet.

If you don't have a location in mind but know what you want as a backdrop, let's discuss it!! I have shot lots of photo shoots at lots of different locations, but you're one-of-a-kind and want to find the perfect location to match! 

Do I have to choose the location?

What forms of payments to you accept?

I accept cash (of course, ha ha), checks, debit/credit cards and Paypal.  Square Reader is my extremely reliable and safe method of taking credit or debit card payments. If card, PayPal or Square is the preferred way of payment, a small 3.8% fee ($1.14) will be added to the payment. I also accept Venmo, Facebook pay, and Apple Pay neither of which have a fee. If you're located in the Springs, I'd be happy to meet up for cash or check.

Do you give out all of the images from the session?

I do not give out all of the images. I will edit the best looking ones and then you will get to pick out your favorite images (quantity determined based on the package you choose) from a secure website. Additional images are available for purchase for $3/image. Prints are also available for purchase, just ask for pricing!

What is you weather induced rescheduling policy?

We live in Colorado! Bad weather is bound to happen so we will carefully watch the forecast and if both parties agree, we can re-schedule the session. That's AWESOME if you are wanting a white, snowy session but just remember, red noses will be evident. The non-refundable deposit will not be returned, but will be put toward another session of your choosing, in the case of a reschedule.

When is it the best time to do Maternity and Newborn sessions?

Maternity sessions tend to be scheduled during the third-trimester, but I don't want you to be completely uncomfortable! Please contact me during the second-trimester to discuss your due date and possibilities for session dates. Let me know if you're wanting some bare-belly images so we can decide on a more private location.

Newborns photograph best when under 2 weeks of age. They tend to sleep and squish into those adorable poses better when within the first 2 weeks. We can do the session in my in-home studio or at your home. If we are shooting at my studio, I recommend bringing a familiar-smelling baby blanket and lots of formula if baby is not breastfed.

Can I bring props for my photo shoot?

Heck yes! If you have a special prop you'd like to have in your photos, then totally bring it! If you don't have any props, don't worry! I have of buckets, blankets, baskets, furs, banners, wraps, hats, bows, cake stands, chalkboards, and so much more! Take a peek (if you haven't already) through my photos and let me know if you'd like to use anything in particular!

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